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I Started A Blog And Forgot About It

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

SO. I started this blog to log some of the sailing bits and I've certainly let it go. Lately I've been up to a lot of lake racing on

. This post is going to be about what we've been up to lately on Blue Flash - so I'm going to "we's" instead of "me's."

The last few weeks have been pretty light as far as the wind goes...yikes, right?

The wind actually got so light, you can see the glassy reflection around us. Also timing is everything - I promise Ron wasn't sleeping mid race - but also I couldn't not share this pic!

It was a real struggle keeping the spinnaker (or chute - short for parachute) full. Here Jim is trimming the spin unassisted, without a winch or grinder. On a different day from the picture above. Two weeks in a row the winds were this light...

This next upcoming week we're on Race Committee Duty - so stay tuned for that :)

And fingers crossed the winds pick up over the next week and a half.


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